Vacuum often. Yes, it sounds deceptively simple, but it works! Regular vacuuming removes loose dirt before it becomes imbedded in the carpet pile. This reduces the risk of discoloration and staining. Once a week should be enough for general use areas but go ahead and get ambitious! Break out the vacuum more often in high-traffic or heavy soil areas. We’ll even let you count it as gym time.


Place absorbent runners or 5x7 rugs at your home’s entrance(s) as a first line of defense against tracking dirt and debris into your home. Clean and/or change your home defense rugs regularly. Change your home’s air filters often to reduce the amount of dust and dander in the air. These particles can end up on carpets and dull their color over time. Periodic cleaning with a suitable cleaning agent prevents deep staining in high-traffic areas.

Rug pads protect

Using proper padding is important to protect your rug and the floor. When placing your Orian area rug on hard surface flooring such as hardwood, tiles, and vinyl, or on soft surface flooring, such as carpeting, we recommend that you use a rug pad to put under your rug. This will keep your area rug from sliding, which can cause premature wear and potential risk of injury. These pads keep your area rug in its place, protect your floor, help your area rug last longer and make vacuuming easier. The solution for rugs that are inclined to slipping and sliding in high-traffic areas, a natural rubber rug pad – and better grip also means better floor protection. Most have a waffle design that facilitates airflow between rug and flooring and lends a comfortable level of cushioning. Yet it’s thin enough to hold rugs fast and keep them lying flat. Other rug pads are thicker with cushion felt and combined rubber backing, some have a memory foam type material similar to what is found in quality mattresses. With any type rug pad decision, making the plunge with a high quality rug pad will save your floor and your rug from extensive wear and tear. Over time, set traffic paths can cause uneven wear to an area rug that is not occasionally rotated. So spin your rug for better wear.

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